Portoryko - Superior Nacional 10/06 00:00 - San German v Mayaguez W 103-96
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 10/02 00:00 - San German v Quebradillas W 110-101
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/30 00:00 - Arecibo v San German L 108-90
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/28 00:00 - Fajardo v San German L 105-94
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/26 22:00 - San German v Guaynabo L 73-114
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/25 00:00 - Humacao v San German W 97-109
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/22 00:00 - Bayamon v San German L 89-74
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/19 00:00 - Quebradillas v San German L 113-95
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/16 00:00 - Ponce v San German L 108-85
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/14 00:00 - San German v Fajardo L 89-91
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/07 00:00 - San German v Santurce L 85-90
Portoryko - Superior Nacional 09/05 00:00 - San German v Humacao W 96-76

Atléticos de San Germán is a basketball club of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) based in San Germán, Puerto Rico.

Founded in the 1930s after the amalgamation of the old San Germán team and the Farmacia Martín team, the team is one of the original BSN franchises. The Athletics play their home games at the Arquelio Torres Ramírez Coliseum. The franchise's fourteen championships are tied with the Leones de Ponces for the second most of any BSN franchise, and account for 16.8% of all BSN championships since the league's tournaments began in 1930. This makes the "Atléticos de San Germán" the most successful basketball club to date of all professional sports franchises in the western part of Puerto Rico and the town itself is known as "La cuna del baloncesto en Puerto Rico" (the cradle of basketball in Puerto Rico).

Their mascot "The Orange Monster" is a part of the team's image, featuring prominently in its logo and being the club nickname for decades.

The Athletics rise again after struggling through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s to win a championship in 1985 over the Mets de Guaynabo. Following the 1985 championship, San Germán began to develop many young, talented players who would later lead them to three more championships within the next twelve years.